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사약을 먹자

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age reversal scout & spy….

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"I’m sorry."

That stupid sentence, he’d heard it a hundred times before and it had never helped him then, did he really expect it to help now?

The scout turned his head away from the medic that was carrying him, though he had to tighten his grip around the medics chest to stop himself from falling. He was already slipping anyway, since he was soaking wet and the medics coat was waterproof, the medic was struggling with his weight but the scout was in no mood to help him. It was his fault anyway. His fault he was a freaking mer-man!

The tail coming out of his torso was a shining sapphire blue color, though the fin and some of the scales were silver. It was kinda pretty looking, but it was hard to,love something when it got you not only fired, but banished to the small water tank of the well map.

The exits of the tank he was going into was going to be covered up with some wire mesh to prevent the scout from ‘disrupting the battles’. Which  basically meant that the announcer wanted to keep the scout locked up. Stupid bitch. Stupid medic. Stupid freaking job.

The medic gave a small sigh when he saw the scout look away from him, shaking his head as if he was disappointed. He quickly reached the well and knelt down to drop the scout in;

"Now you know the drill now scout, ja?"

"Yeah yeah, i know the fucking drill, doc." Snapped the scout, sliding into the water with a small splash. the medic rolled his eyes, wiping his gloves on his lab coat.

The scout resurfaced pretty quickly, fixing the medic with a iron glare.

The 2 just stared at each other for a second, eyes locked together as if to ask a thousand questions. As strange as it sounded, he didn’t want the medic to leave.

The announcer had told him that once he was in his little tank, he wasn’t allowed to communicate with anyone except the medic, who was only allowed to see the scout once a week to replenish his food supply. It was hardly perfect company, but it was all he was going to get.

He had no such luck though, soon the medic shook his head quickly as if to wake up from a bad dream.

"Goodbye scout, sorry." The he was gone, his boots quickly running along the floor towards the red base. The scout watched him go with a small frown, before swimming down to the bottom of the well and curling up into a small ball. His tears mixing with the water before they could be seen by anyone.



The scout woke up from his sleep with a start, someone was coming towards him, more than one by the sounds of things. As for the voice, there was no doubt that is was the red sniper, the one the scout had been friends with before the experiment ruined everything. Plus,the scout would never admit this to anyone, he may have had a small crush on the guy.

But who had hold of him? Were the blues attacking him? The battles had finished a few hours ago. Then he heard a second voice;

"Shut yer mouth laddie! I ain’t letting no traiter live on MAH team!"

That was the red demoman, by the compounds of the grunts and mumbles he could hear, the soldier was there as well. The fuck?

Then the wire mesh above him was ripped up, the scout gave a small squeal and swam to the other side of the well, trying to hide himself. He ducked down and looked at the wire mesh being  cut away, he could see the men now, the sniper appeared to be tied up with rope and was being carried on the soldiers shoulder while the demoman cut up the mesh. Then the mesh was ripped away, the soldier knelt down and tried to push the man into the water, but the sniper was struggling like anything and screeching at the top of his voice. Then the scout saw the demoman lift something up and slam it onto the snipers head, knocking him out so he fell limp and slowly began to sink, the respawn system was turned off during cease fire! They were trying to kill him!

The scout stayed in his corner for a second, waiting for the laughing men to leave before dashing forward and shaking the sniper with both hands, screaming his name even thought the man couldn’t hear him, a line of air bubbles drifted from the snipers mouth, soon he would drown.

"Fuck! No, no no no you are NOT dyin’ on me, snipes!" He screamed, he couldn’t let the guy die, not now.

But the ropes tied around him were too tight, there was a rope tied to his leg as well with a rock attached to it that made him sink. He could detach the rock quickly enough, but by this rate the man would have drowned by then, he tugged at the man desperately, trying and failing to pull him up to the air. Then he had an idea.

"No…" He thought aloud, he couldn’t. Was he really that sad?

Then again, he didn’t really have any other good options, the snipers time was running out. He had to do SOMETHING.

He swam up to the surface and gulped a mouthful of air, before swimming down again and straitening the mans head. He was blushing despite the water being cold, c’mon, pull yourself together! By no matter how hard he told himself it was just to stop him from drowning, he couldn’t help feeling like he was trying to get some.

He leaned forward and blew the air into the mans open mouth, pushing it as deep as possible and blushing bright red. When he pulled away he saw the snipers skin was less pale, he was going to survive.

The scout ducked won quickly, undoing the knot around the mans legs quickly and then pulling him to the surface with a quick yank. The sniper began breathing normally in no time, though the sniper had to be held up by the scout in order for him to stay that way.

The scout sighed, fiddling with the knots around the mans arms, boy would he have a lot to explain when the man woke up.

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